Why Should You Consider Investing in Cell Tower and Wireless Infrastructure Development Programs Offered by Our Affiliates?

  • There has been tremendous growth in the use of cell phones in recent years and this trend will continue. In order for our phones and mobile devices to work everywhere we go, we need more cell towers and other wireless infrastructure.
  • According to the most recent “Mobility Report” from software and infrastructure company, Ericsson, “there will be a nine-fold increase in the amount of data on mobile networks by 2020.”
  • Most cell tower investment programs offer investors exposure to the development, build out and construction of communication towers.
  • The ultimate goal of most programs is to lease the towers to multiple wireless service providers (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint) under long-term lease contracts.
  • Regardless of price changes due to inflation, cell towers are considered to be an asset expected to either maintain or increase in value over time.

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