Alliance Equities Corporation provides support services to affliates offering investment programs in Cell Tower & Wireless Infrastructure and Oil & Gas Investment Programs.

Our primary focus

To provide our affiliates with support needed to service their real asset investment opportunities including:

  • Cell tower and wireless infrastructure development
  • Oil and gas drilling
  • Future investment opportunities as they become available

Our primary goal

Provide clients with first class individualized service and support for all aspects of their investments with our affiliates.

Our highest priority

Help and support our affiliates as they maintain long-term investment relationships with their clients and business partners.

Real Asset and Alternative Investment Choices

Advantages of the investment products offered by the affiliates of Alliance Equities Corporation: They do not “manage money” in the sense of investing client’s assets in the traditional financial assets of stocks and bonds. They do extensive research to develop and issue real asset and alternative investment products that are based on ownership of tangible assets that may generate cash flow returns to investors and/or long-term appreciation potential. Some of these opportunities provide for a level of tax sheltering of investment cash flow, as well as some tax sheltering of other sources of income. These affiliates develop investment products that may include the following investment criteria:

  • The investments should be tangible assets that can potentially generate above average investment returns. These investments do not include “paper assets” such as stocks and bonds.
  • The investment should have the ability to generate cash flow available for distribution to investors starting within a reasonable time after the date of investment.
  • Operators should have an extensive track record of success.
  • The investment product should be serial in nature. In other words, you should be able to make incremental investments into the investment space over 3–5 years so that you can “dollar cost average” participation in that investment class.
  • Each investment program should contain multiple underlying tangible assets so that returns are not dependent on the outcome of a single asset within the investment project.
  • There should be quantifiable downside risk to the underlying asset value, with a reasonable basis to believe that certain assets could appreciate in the future.